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  • Healthy Active Lifestyle

    Healthy Active Lifestyle

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a meal replacement formula designed to help you with your weight loss and weight management goals?

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  • Simply Clean Nutrition

    Simply Clean Nutrition

    If you’re struggling to consume the right nutrients through your diet, Carefast is here to help.

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  • Anxiety & Stress Relief

    Anxiety & Stress Relief

    Have you ever woken up and felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? Trust us, you’re not alone.

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Supporting Our Community

At Carefast we are always looking to help our community.

During this pandemic we have donated over 800 containers of our Rehydration & Electrolyte Energy Drink Mix to front line workers at our local University Medical Center (UMC) hospital.


Try our newest NanoCelle® supplements today!

NanoCelle® is a unique delivery technology designed to increase absorption rate via the oro-buccal membrane when sprayed on the inside of the cheek, compared to other dosage forms such as tablets, liquid or sublingual liposomal sprays. Poor gut health and poor liver function can limit drug absorption taken orally. NanoCelle® is designed to avoid the first pass metabolism.

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Highly Recommend

Used this product over the years. It has a great taste and works well combined with a diet.

Dan - Amazon - Diet Plan - Vanilla Flavored

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A Daily Revitalize!

This is such a healthy drink to start your days with, full of vitamins and of course my reason behind it all is the Lunasin. To experience the best for you is to try it, and experience the results!

MsMuffin - Amazon - Stay Planted Soy Protein Powder - Natural Flavored

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Great flavor, easy to open packaging, and fast delivery.

SP - Amazon -Tropical Punch

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Always tasty & effective!

Thom Porterfield - Amazon - Tropical Punch

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Added Support For Healthier Life!

CareFast Lunasin has provided an added daily support to an otherwise uncertain feeling. I also take CareFast Lunasin in belief that it maybe a preventative for cancer. There’s no visual evidence I can point out, but there’s certainly been “physical feeling” of well-being.

MsMuffin - Amazon

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It controls my anxiety

Since quarantine started and I got some changes on my life I got very anxious and because of it I was losing sleep- a week ago I got this product - very true I wasn’t thinking it would work but wow it works great!! I am a lot calmer now and the best part I am sleeping!

Juliana - Chill Vibes | Anxiety & Mood Support Formula

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Amazing product and the chocolate flavor taste so good!!

I really love the Care fast products because they are 100% clean. The chocolate complete meal favor is so good even if you only add thr 2 scoop of products to water or milk. Taste so good. The 30 grams of plant and milk-based proteins is a plus!!! Also they contain probiotics that help you a lot to have a easy digestion.

Marbelis - Complete Meal | Whole Body Formula

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I'm not sick! It works!

I ordered this Immunity Builder as amazon was on back order for all vitamin c products and what not and I was glad this product was in stock! I saw they where local here in Las Vegas so my package got here in 24 hours. That was great! Also, I have not gotten sick so I am very happy about that aha. Stay Healthy Everyone!

Jacob Wrzesinski - Immunity Builder | Immune System Formula

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