Vintage Plan | Original Diet Plan Formula

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Carefast® Vintage Plan:

Carefast® Diet Plan has been with us from the beginning, in 1982. We have rebranded the same great-tasting formula into our new Vintage Plan that is delicious, nutritious, and metabolically balanced. Vintage Plan’s formula has been physician tested for safe, rapid weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. It has also been proven effective since 1982 in a medically supervised dietary program.

Product Highlights:

Nutritious & Metabolically Balanced
160 calories per packet
Over 35 years of safe product use by our customers
Good source of Vitamins* (including Vitamin A, D, Calcium, B-vitamins, and Iron).
Convenient, individual meal replacement packets
Delicious Chocolate Flavor


Mix 2 scoops (43 grams) into 8 oz. of water, add ice, and blend well.
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