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Stay Planted™ | Vegan Protein Powder (2 lbs.)

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Carefast® Stay Planted:

Stay Planted is enhanced with Lunasin, incorporating unparalleled soy research into a great-tasting vegan shake formula that is delicious by itself or blended with fruit and ice for a satisfying smoothie. Stay Planted

conveniently delivers 13 grams of clean vegan protein per serving. Stay Planted contains as much Lunasin as in 25 grams of soy protein.
Product Highlights:
• Heart-Healthy (13g soy protein per serving)
• 100 Calories Drink Mix (when made with water)
• Vegan Protein
• Kosher and/or Gluten-Free
• Delicious Chocolate or Vanilla Shake Formulas

Mix three (3) rounded Tablespoons(30g) of powder with 8 ounces cold water, milk, or your favorite juice.
Carefast®- Simply Clean Nutrition

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