What Is Lunasin?

Apr 07 , 2020

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What Is Lunasin?

If you haven't heard about Lunasin by now, you're about to. It has been the subject of various studies around the world for over 20 years, and there are no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Lunasin has been shown in various research studies to play an essential role in cardiovascular health, inflammation control, and reducing oxidative stress.* That's only the beginning of what this unique polypeptide does for the body, though.


Here is Everything You Need To Know About Lunasin

In 1996, researchers began to study the properties of Lunasin -- a 43-amino acid polypeptide originally discovered in soy, but has since been found in pea protein, barley, wheat, and rye. They were intrigued by its chemo-preventive properties and ability to bind to cancer cells chromatin, effectively breaking the cell apart.


What makes Lunasin so unique is it was the first compound that was found to work at the epigenetic level. This means it can modify DNA sequences that help to turn specific genes on and off. When you combine Lunasin with a healthy mind, body, and spirit, you can effectively start to turn off the bad genes and turn on the good ones.

What Benefits Does Lunasin Provide?

In affecting the epigenome, Lunasin will bind to both histone H4-Lysine 8 and histone H3-Lysine14. It'll promote acetylation in both histones, which is where we have seen Lunasin do the spectacular work it's known for.

When H3-Lysine14 is acetylated, studies show that it helps with the biosynthesis of cholesterol, reduces chronic inflammation, prevents cancer formation, and protects against heart disease. On the other hand, acetylated H4-Lysine 8 is known to play a role in housekeeping genes, brain function, and strong communication between the nucleus and mitochondria of our cells.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the many benefits Lunasin provides:

  • Anti-Inflammation - studies show that inflammation can be the root cause of many different illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Lunasin regulates the body's inflammatory response by blocking the master inflammatory protein NF-ĸ-β. There are numerous studies showing lunasin and how it affects the cells that would have switched "on" and become cancer cells. 
  • Antioxidant - oxidative stress can cause plenty of harm to the body. Lunasin will help reduce the production of oxygen radicals, while also acting as an oxygen radical "bounty hunter."
  • Cardiovascular Health - Lunasin decreases the amount of HMG-CoA reductase available within the liver for the liver to make LDL cholesterol. Additionally, lunasin increases the number of LDL-receptors present to help filter out LDL-cholesterol particles.* So, lunasin could be a natural alternative for someone wanting to support and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.*
  • Immune System - studies have proven that Lunasin will stimulate immune cell receptors in the body, which will strengthen your first line of defense against various viruses, bacteria, and toxins.
  • Synergy - Lunasin is known to work well with other nutrients, further affecting genes and physiological pathways. When certain nutrients activate the body's genes, Lunasin will help make those genes easily recognized by the cells.
  • Cellular Health - much like everything else in the body, your cells need fuel to function correctly. Lunasin provides that fuel, protects cells from harmful toxins, and removes damaged cells that might cause further harm.

There's still so much to learn about Lunasin, but research thus far has determined that Lunasin is crucial to the various benefits discovered with plant-based proteins.

Why Choose LUNASIN by CareFast?

We understand the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence surrounding Lunasin over the past 20+ years. It has revolutionized the way we view epigenetics and has allowed many people to find peace with their various health concerns.

Here at Carefast, we love Lunasin so much that we add it to our Stay Planted protein powder and our PQQ + Lunasin with Vitamins, which provides energy and regeneration to the body.


[*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.]