Carefast® Key 2 Keto | BHB Formula:

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Improve Athletic Performance.

Powered with Beet Root Crystals, Carefast® Key 2 Keto contains nitrates, which help improve the effectiveness of mitochondria.  This allows you to generate more energy in your cells and provides the power output to boost athletic performance.


How this Breakthrough Energy Source Can Support Weight Loss:

A producer of organic ketone compounds, including beta-hydroxybutyrate, Carefast® Key 2 Keto is considered to be an effective fuel source.  This powerful supplement helps to protect the brain, increase life span, and support weight loss.


Helps Increase Life Span:

During the state of ketosis, calories are restricted. Carefast® Key 2 Keto aids in reducing fat and resulting in less oxidative stress.  Furthermore, ketones also increase longevity because of its ability to aid in lessening the activity of insulin. 

The ketone bodies help stave off free radical damage, which improves mitochondria cells, and helps guard against oxidative stress.


Supports Weight Loss:

With Carefast® Key 2 Keto, carbohydrates are limited and allow for insulin levels to decrease.  This helps fat be released by fat adipose tissue and promotes rapid weight loss. Additionally, you will also experience high energy workout sessions with ketones, which will result in burning more body fat.


Improves Brain Health:

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) decreases oxidative stress in the brain and guards neurons.  With its ability to reduce Amyloid, a molecule related to the development of brain disorders, you’ll be able to protect brain cells, which will result in improved memory and better focus.


Product Highlights:

*Provides more energy to increase daily productivity

*Decreases insulin levels to supports weight loss

*Staves off radical damage to help increase lifespan

*Reduces oxidative stress in the brain to improve focus throughout the day


Add 1 scoop (8g) to 4-6nounces of water.


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