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PQQ plus Lunasin with Vitamins

CareFast formulated PQQ plus Lunasin with Vitamins to deliver a high quality formula with the latest ingredients for healthy cellular function, energy, and regeneration. This formula delivers the nutrients to help your body combat the effects of daily stress and the environment.

Soy-Pro100™ - Soy Chocolate Shake - (2 lbs.)

Soy-Pro100™ - Non-GMO Soy Proteins are a truly unique product line that incorporates unparalleled soy health benefits into great-tasting protein shake mixes. Our Soy-Pro100™ is enriched with Lunasin in the form of Bioactive Lunacell™. Soy-Pro100™ conveniently delivers 13 grams of heart-healthy soy protein per serving. Delicious Soy Chocolate Shake flavor. New 2lb. container size! (30 servings)
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